Choose the package that works for you pet

Regular bath

Revitalize your pet's coat with our refreshing Regular Bath package

800 - 1400

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Basic grooming

Elevate your pet's style with our rejuvenating Basic Grooming.

1000 - 1600

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Paradiso therapy

Experience blissful relaxation with our Paradiso Therapy package for pets.

1600 - 2300

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Indulge your pet in a transformative Groom-a-Therapy session today.

2000 - 3000

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Natural therapy

Embrace holistic wellness with our rejuvenating Natural Therapy session for pets.

1300 - 2000

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De-shedding package

Say goodbye to excess fur with our De-shedding Package for pets.

1200 - 1800

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Tick & Flea Package

Protect your pet from pests with our Tick & Flea Package.

1500 - 2000

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Oatmeal delight

Treat your pet to soothing comfort with our Oatmeal Delight.

1800 - 2500

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Meowy basic

Meowy Basic Package: Complete Care for Your Feline Friend.


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Purry classic

Pamper your feline friend with our Purry Classic grooming package.


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Coat polish

Enhance your pet's shine with our Coat Polish treatment.

350 - 650

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Hair Cut

Transform your pet's look with our expert Hair Cut service.

1000 - 1600

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Hair cut +

Elevate your pet's style with our deluxe Hair Cut + package

1100 - 1700

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